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古今 伝説 間

[Kokon Dansetsu Ma]

(2017)  is a kinetic installation, containing handmade instruments which are controlled by motors and are designed following traditional Japanese aesthetics.

In Japanese, 'kokon' means all ages, past and present; 'dansetsu' - tradition, legend; and 'ma' - empty space, a gap between sounds. The string instruments in this piece are modern adaptations of traditional Japanese instruments, the shamisen and the koto.

With this installation, ancient and modern traditions of Japanese sound culture merge and explore the differences between Western cultures and the Japanese approach to music.

(2016)  is collaborative installation project with Maja Mihalik. Our intention was to create a sound sculpture that would play itself in a self-sufficient manner. We used found objects as a source of inspiration and stimulation for the project, as we find that disassembling and re-purposing pre-used items can bring forth creativity unlike bought materials. The base of the sculpture is a discarded cable drum with six guitar strings stretched between the two circular palettes at the bottom and top surrounding the cylindrical centre. The cylinder encases the electronic components of the piece, including an amplifier, a small mixing unit, a guitar effects unit and an Arduino Uno, which controls the moving elements of the sculpture. All of the strings have contact microphones attached to them, thus making amplification possible.

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