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I’m a composer, sound designer, and experimental musical instrument creator.  My work focuses on sonic exploration via a combination of music creation and self-created musical interfaces and robotics.


I’m looking for sound composition, sound design, and other audio-visual project opportunities within the filmmaking, animation, and game development industries. I’m also interested in developing new musical and audio interfaces, both digital and analog such as midi controllers, VST plugins, drum machines, or microphones.


I was born and raised in Alytus, Lithuania. I’ve been designing instruments and creating original compositions since my teenage years. However, my career properly kickstarted when in 2014 I moved to the United Kingdom and started studying BA(Hons) Digital Music and Sound Arts at the University of Brighton where I had an opportunity to gain a network of creatives for future collaborations and projects. Since then I have performed in various venues around the world: including Spectrum Berlin (2017), Iklektik London (2018), Worm Rotterdam (2018), Fort Process Festival (2018), Art & Design Center Nagoya (2016), The Vic Glasgow (2019), and Studium P Vilnius (2019) to name a few. Whilst at university, I had the opportunity to live in Japan for 6 months, where I researched traditional musical instruments as well as designed and crafted one of my own. This new instrument that is a combination of Japanese zither shamisen and European cello sparked the idea for an inter-cultural sonic collaboration with Hungarian Singer Maja Mihalik and in 2016 we began Más Hangok project that is still going on till the present day. In 2018 I’ve moved to Glasgow where I did my masters in Sound for The Moving Image at Glasgow School of Art (class of 2018-2019). Whilst doing my masters I have maintained my career and have been invited as a guest lecture to the University of Brighton; started a collaboration with Noize studio London and became a composer for modern avant-garde dance theatre called Tablespoon Theatre Company. Currently, I live in Glasgow where I work as a freelance sound artist and composer.

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