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This essay is focused on exploring Japanese music traditions and west cultures viewpoint to it through exoticism, and orientalism  prism. Trying to understand difference between west and east approach to sound and considering the authenticity of world cultures in post-globalization future. 

This essay focus on the following issues: how Fluxus artists challenged experimental/noise music; how audience becomes part of the performance instead of simply observing; and how noise music (as well as the Fluxus movement in general) was a protest against serious traditional culture.

This conversation concentrates on Japanese culture, understanding of orient and his collaboration album Jo Ha Kyu which was recorded in Tokyo in 2013. This interview took a place in Paris, September 2016.

This interview concentrates on Japanese avant-garde and traditional music as well as Gaspar Claus's Jo Ha Kyu project. Interview took a place in Tokyo, August 2016.

The general issues discussed in this essay are: the importance of Dada as an anti-art movement; the revival and merger of the Constructivist and Dadaist movements (the appearance of Kinetic sculptures); self-destructive art as a concept of anti-art; extended range of sculpture beyond durable materials; and why Jean Tinguely‘s sound sculptures were unusual in the relation between machines and sound

This essay is focused on the differences between modern/traditional, western/asian approaches of music, and the moment they joint.




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